Pool fences - Privacy fences in Kirkland

Clôtures St-Martin installs pool fences and privacy fences in the city of Kirkland. We are pleased to have contributed to the beautiful landscape of this city and to have helped its residents carry out their landscaping projects, and this for many years.

Pool fences

Clôtures St-Martin has more than 35 years of experience in the sale and installation of pool fences. This vast experience makes us the designated reference for fences of all kinds. With their knowledge, professional advice and know-how, our advisors will make sure to answer all of your questions.

A wide variety of ornamental fence will be presented to you, for you to find the type of fence that best suits your yard. Your new ornamental fence will enhance the look of your yard, while protecting access to your pool.

With an aluminum fence, for example, one can be assured of great durability. This material is weatherproof for several years, protecting your investment as well as protecting your yard and swimming pool. We offer a large variety of aluminum fence models. It would be our pleasure to look at them with you and help you choose the one that will best fit your yard.

The tempered glass fence, on the other hand, has a magnificent character, a great elegance. It gives an open look to your property while providing the protection you need. The tempered glass fence allows your sight to remain alert at all times!

Privacy fences

Our privacy fences give you the tranquility you have always dreamed of. These decorative panels will add to the charm of your land and contribute to Kirkland's elegance as well!

A durable installation

Clôtures St-Martin does business with the best manufacturers on the market. Your pool fence or privacy fences will offer unparalleled durability, no matter what type and style you choose with the help of our experts. You can therefore admire the fence you have selected and enjoy it for many years to come. If you live in Kirkland and are looking to protect access to your pool or add a degree of privacy to your outdoor spaces, contact us now!

Pool fencing and privacy fences  Kirkland
Pool fencing and privacy fences  Kirkland
Pool fencing and privacy fences  Kirkland
Pool fencing and privacy fences é Kirkland

Mandatory pool fencing in Quebec

In accordance with the 2010 Residential Pools Safety Act, swimming pool owners must provide ladders for access to and from their outdoor artificial pool water and surround their pool with a fence no less than 1.2 metres in height to secure it. Ask our experts about this and we would be happy to recommend the product that best suits your situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find our more about our pool fences, installation, and repair services. We serve Laval, Rive-Nord, Saint-Eustache, Deux-Montagnes, Montreal and many other areas.

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